How to use

  • 1. Clean and Dry 🧼🦶

    Wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well. Clean feet, happy feet!

  • 2. Peel and Stick 📦➡️🦶

    Take a patch out of the pouch, peel off the backing, and stick it firmly to the sole of your foot.

  • 3. Press and Smooth 🤲✨

    Press down and smooth out the patch to make sure it’s securely in place. No slipping allowed!

  • 4. Relax and Rest 🧦🛌

    Put on some cozy socks, kick back, and let the patch work its magic while you sleep.

  • 5. Remove and Reveal 🌅🦶

    In the morning, peel off the patch and check out the results. Dispose of the used patch and feel refreshed!